EMAIL WRITING: How To Write Effective Emails

A-Z guide to writing effective email subject lines, email body and call-to-action. Includes email etiquette!


The fact that email has great importance in modern business communication is undeniable. Every day, millions of emails are sent from companies to potential customers and suppliers, from employees to their managers and from one coworker to another. While the technology itself is bordering on ancient, email is as popular and effective as ever. However, writing an email that engages readers and prompts them to take action is not an easy feat. Hence, the need for this course on "Email Writing"!


In this course, we’ll go over everything you need to know to write highly effective emails, including:

  • Common email mistakes and ways to avoid them
  • When to send your emails
  • How to write highly effective subject lines that get your emails opened
  • How you should construct the body of your emails so people actually read them from start to finish
  • Why you need a powerful call to action, and how to create one that spurs readers to take immediate action
  • What email etiquette you need to follow and the potential pitfalls you need to watch out for when writing email



Effective Subject Lines + Well-crafted Email Body + Proven Call-To-Action = Emails That Get Massive Opens & Clicks!


You'll learn all of this and much more in this course. Enroll Now!

Intended Audience: Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Introduction to Email Writing
Common Email Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
When to Send Your Email
10 Tips to Writing Effective Subject Lines
Examples of Effective Subject Lines
Key Takeaways
7 Tips to Crafting Effective Email Messages
Key Takeaways
Importance of CTA
Tips to Writing Effective CTAs
Examples of Effective Call-To-Action
Key Takeaways
5 Important Things to Remember
5 Additional Things to Keep in Mind
Key Takeaways
7 Things to Avoid When Using Email As a Communication Tool
Key Takeaways
Next Steps
How To Write Better Emails [INFOGRAPHIC]

What's included

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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